Laure Van Brempt & Vera Roggli are the duo behind the Antwerp based design- & knitwear- studio WIESI WILL.

Mid-September 2018 they will launch their first capsule collection. With the focus on material and tactility they thoughtfully designed a knitwear collection, which resulted in a sweater, a cardigan, a hat and a scarf that will warm you and bring colour into your wardrobe. “Our designs may surprise you, but they are made for the real world”.

To fully unfold their WIESI WILL universe they have the WSW LAB alongside their capsule collections. This allows them to experiment and collaborate with the industry or other designers. For the upcoming MoMu exposition „Soft? – Tactile Dialogues“ they created various knitted sculptures for the impressive 46m-high-hallway of the Maurice Verbaet Center. The exposition will take place 28.09.2018 – 24.02.2019.

The WSW LAB is a laboratory for material-minded people who enjoy profound research,  keeping in mind the fusion of aesthetics and functionality. „We like to plant seeds on the borders between different disciplines, and to grow our universe by playing and experimenting.“ The outcome of their research can result in a sweater or a carpet, a curtain or an installation.